Tips to Know in Choosing the best Lawnmower for Your Lawn (Yard) 

Lawn Mower Cutting Green Grass In Garden.

Choosing a Lawn Mower

These days choosing a lawnmower is an involved process, to say the least. There are so many options and brands out there that it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. It can be hard to determine what factors you should be considering before deciding. We have put together this guide to help you in choosing a lawn mower appropriate for your lawn needs. please, read on….


For most users of lawn mowers, it is critical to consider the lawnmower’s ease of use, functionality, and durability. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when selecting a lawn mower.


Riding or Walking Mower

When choosing a lawn mower, you want to determine whether or not you will be walking or riding the mower. Your decision should really depend on the size of the area that needs to be mowed. If you have an area that is an acre or more of land, you should consider getting a rider mower. For smaller properties, you should be fine using a walking mower that uses gas or electric power, depending on your needs.


If you find that you would prefer the convenience of having a rider mower for small acres then, by all means, go ahead. Select an option that you think best suits your preferences and needs.


Energy Source

One of the first things to consider when choosing a lawn mower is the energy type that it uses. The most commonly used motors either fall under gas, electric or manually powered. For simple maintenance on flat terrains manual mowers seem to be ideal for most homeowners.


They are quiet, require little or no  maintenance what so ever, are fairly inexpensive,  and moreover, they do not cause pollution. However,  using a manual mower is hard work, especially if the grass is high so be prepared to but in a little extra work.


Recently, electric mowers have become more popular as they do not emit harmful pollutants, are not noisy to operate and are easy to maintain. Some electric mowers are corded, which means they have to be charged in your home. Aside from the awkwardness of using the cord, these mowers may not be as powerful as they’re are limited to the current they derive from your home.



On the flip side,  there are electric mowers that use batteries, however, these batteries tend to have a long recharge time and are noticeably heavy which may cause the mower to be harder to push.


Gas powered mowers are a staple in many households because they are often incredibly powerful and are durable. However, gas powered motors are notoriously loud and emit fumes that pollute the air. Additionally, gas powered mowers are prone to emitting dirt and debris which may make the investment in protective glasses worthwhile, as well as some ear muffs for the noise.


Rotation Type

Cylinder or reel Lawn Mower

Before purchasing a lawn mower, an important factor to consider is the quality of the cut.  A cylinder or reel lawn mower has on average 5 – 12 blades on the front, however, for this same reason, it is not ideal for cutting long grass. Therefore you may find yourself mowing more frequently to get the ideal cut. However, when used properly, cylinder mowers provide a more precise cut than its counterparts.


Rotary Lawn Mowers

These have one fast rotating blade that cuts grass effectively due to the speed and force of the blade. Hover mowers are a variant of the rotary mowers and contain a mechanism that pushes air down, creating a pocket of air between the mower and the ground. For this reason however mowers can also be used on surfaces that are uneven or oddly shaped, however, the quality of the cut can be inferior in comparison to the cylinder and rotary mowers. Take a couple of seconds to consider each mower’s pros and cons before selecting the one that’s best for you.




Land Terrain

For most homeowners, their lawn is relatively flat and does not have a complicated terrain or land pattern. However, for some homeowners, you may have an unusual land layout that makes it more complicated to maintain.


In such a case a manual reel mower may prove to be ineffective as it would require a lot of effort to get a quality cut. There are some electric mowers that might do the trick, however, some models are not able to handle long grass very well.


Gas powered mowers may prove to be the best option for rough terrain as they are powerful and can handle a variety of tasks. Ensure that you select a mower that is best suited for the layout of the land you are working with.


Bell and Whistles

Now here comes the fun part, figuring out all the fun features you want to equip your lawn mower with. While most of these items are for convenience, they can make your lawn mowing experience much more efficient and effective. For example, whether you want a push or self-propelled mower.


The advantage of the push mower is naturally that it will be cheaper, however, the self-propelled mowers do not require you to push the mower instead it offers various speeds that can be used. For those of you who don’t treasure the idea of lugging around a heavy lawn mower, the self-propelled option may be best.


You may also want to consider purchasing a mower that has a port for side discharge or mulch and bagging, this option is convenient and time- saving. Another helpful feature is a wash out port that allows you to attach a hose to the cutting chamber to easily clean out the remains after a lawn cut.


Some lawn mowers also have a brake pad that allows you to clear out the bag without having to run off the lawn mower.  Whatever your needs, take a minute to consider these additional features as their convenience can make your lawn mowing experience a lot more enjoyable.


Lawn mowing has definitely evolved since the manual reel mower first came on the market. These days there are new lawn mowers out there to suit your whim and fancy. However take a minute to first understand your needs before you rush into purchasing a lawn mower.


Regardless of the mower than you end up getting, it will be important to do your regular maintenance to extend the life of your mower. Investing in a lawn mower pays itself off in the long run and helps to maintain a healthy environment for the exterior of your home.


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  1. Hi Lois, great blog! It’s very important to pick the right lawnmower for the garden. All the tips you had shared are useful for me I will keep in mind while purchasing lawnmower. Thanks

  2. You have a lot of helpful information here for buying a lawn mower. We have a pretty big lawn, but it would probably still make more sense to get a gas or electric powered push mower, like you said. However, I really want a riding mower, so I might get one of those!

    • Lois Lois says:

      I definitely would get a riding mower as well with a pretty big lawn like you have Ridley. It would definitely make your work a whole lot easier compared to doing the manual work. Just remember if you are considering a riding lawn mower, you may be limited if you have a fence so make sure you measure your gate width first. With a big lawn and no fence, the sky is the limit for you and the larger the deck, the faster you’ll finish your job.
      We will have more posts coming soon on the advantages and disadvantages of the different mower types and how you can pick the best one for your lawn. Also, we will be rating some of the best and most popular lawn mowers out there. Please, come back soon.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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