Check Out these Secret Tips for Mowing Your Yard of Garden!

View of a gardener mowing the lawn surrounded by spring bulbs in full bloom

Time-saving Tricks for Perfect Mowing!

 Tips for Mowing Your Garden

Every homeowner needs to have a few time-saving tricks up his/her sleeve when it comes to household chores. There are too many tasks around the house that sometimes it seems as though they won’t ever get done. Do you wish you could have a beautiful lawn but are not sure where or how to start?

These tips will help you ensure that your lawn is mowed effectively and efficiently which would leave you with more time in your hands to focus on those other items on your list. Including these tips as a part of your regular maintenance routine will slowly transform your lawn area and make it truly unique.

Here are some secret tips you should consider the next time you mow your lawn.

Tip 1: Remove Debris

Before mowing your lawn ensure that you take a minute to remove gravel or pebbles. These stones prevent your grass from growing freely so getting rid of them will help your lawn to grown thick and lush.

First, grab a vacuum and suck up all the pebbles and sand that are on the surface area of the grass. While you can use a rake, it takes a lot more time and effort to accumulate smaller stones and debris with a rake.

Getting rid of these hard objects also prevents them from getting stuck in the mower, or worse prevents you from getting a good cut. People may give you some strange looks when they see you vacuuming your lawn but it will be worth the embarrassment in the end I promise.

Tip 2: Sharpen Your Equipment

While homeowners know the importance of regular equipment maintenance, sometimes this task just gets left by the waste side. Before mowing your lawn, check your blades to make sure that they are sharpened.

This will ensure that your grass is cut properly and consistently. Mowing with dull blades can ruin the blades of the grass and make them more susceptible to pests and other diseases. Do yourself a favor and ensure that your blades are sharpened to ensure that your lawn stays healthy.

Tip 3: Don’t Cut Your Grass Too Short!

 When mowing your lawn, consider this general rule of thumb: mow 0.5 – 1 inches of the top or to remove one- third of the length. If you cut your grass too short it may expose it to harsh temperatures and dry out the soil.

Additionally, cutting it too short can allow for weeds to sprout up in the exposed area. Before mowing, ensure that you set the mowing height to an appropriate length to prevent your grass from thinning out.

It is also important to monitor the frequency of mowing; home

owners are tempted to cut a few times a week, however, depending on the growth of your grass this may be taxing. Therefore monitor your grass growth, when it has reached between 1 -2 inches in height you may want to consider giving it a trim.

Garden maintenance in spring doing the mulching of the flowerbeds to keep down weeds and retain moisture in the soil

Tip 4: Leave Mulch on the Grass

 Once the grass is cut; the grass mulch is typically emitted through the side panel. Some persons either rake up this mulch or collect it in bags to use in other areas of their garden. However, mulch is a great nutrient for grass growth and it also moisturizes the grass underneath.

Mulch adds well-needed nitrogen to your lawn and also contains mostly water. So as a result, it decomposes relatively quickly.

The next time you mow your lawn be sure to keep the mulch on the grass to protect it from extreme temperature and lock in moisture.

Tip 5: Don’t Mow Grass when Wet!

 Now for those of you who do not know, mowing a wet lawn is a no-no (Please don’t). Aside from being dangerous, it is hard for the blades to cut damp grass. The lawn mower may get clogged with the wet grass which causes it to operate slowly or inefficiently.

You will end up with an uneven surface and large clumps of wet grass scattered all over your lawn. Dry grass is able to slice more evenly against the sharpened blades, making for a clean, smooth cut. So the next time you see a sprinkling over you lawn, it may be best to do yourself a favor and hold off on mowing.

Tip 6: Use the Proper Equipment

If you have a terrain that is rough and uneven, you may not want to be using a manual lawnmower. Additionally, if you have a small acre of land that is flat and smooth, chances are a gas powered mower may be ideal.

In cases where the land is inclined or has a slope, you want to take care to follow instructions for the equipment to make sure that you are mowing the area correctly. Therefore don’t sabotage yourself before you even get started. Take the time to ensure that the lawn mower you acquired is suited towards your needs.

Tip 7: Alternate your Mowing Pattern

Get in the habit of varying the direction in which you mow the lawn. When you mow in the same direction it causes the soil to become compacted which can lead to ruts. Not only will this damage the grass but it will allow for growth of weeds.

Varying your mowing patterns allows the grass to grow more upright and encourages healthy grass growth.

Luxury house with freshly mown grass lawn. Home exterior.

I’m loving the look of this beautiful lawn. I’m sure you do too. Your lawn can look like this if you follow good lawn care advice.


Mowing your lawn doesn’t have to be a dreaded event. With the right tools, you can make it a simple and pain-free process. Too often homeowners don’t take the time to properly prepare and plan their lawn maintenance needs and so their efforts seem to take twice as long.

If you develop a routine for maintaining and caring for your lawn, it will go a long way in making your lawn beautiful and appealing. Having a regular cut coupled with consistent watering and fertilizing every year makes a huge difference. When it comes to lawn maintenance you have to take a consistent approach to swiftly eliminate any pests such as weeds or insects. Try practicing these secret tips the next time you work on your lawn and watch how it transforms your space!

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